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Black head removal

Black head removal 

Everything you need to know about black head removal mask is in this article. World’s most famous black head removal mask from Crystal Secret company. I discovered this Black Mask unexpectedly, when i was tagged in video on Facebook.

Black head removal

My best friend Sara suggested to buy it and try it together. For that reason, i read all the reviews bellow the video and gave her a thumbs up. The attached video shows very satisfying peeling in slow motion. You can see closely how the blackheads coming out from her skin.

And the best part of this is the Britney Spears song in the background of the video. Work is my favorite song from her. Follow up this link so you can see it by yourself: .


Quoting Sara: “I am disgust by my nose full of blackheads. No matter how many makeup i have on my face, they are always visible. Let’s have a fun mask night at my home, and make ourselves pretty.”

I was in, we placed an order that day and waited for the delivery. We invited another friend to join us, so we can share our story on the Internet. Rachel is a blogger, and she is obsessed with new cosmetic brands. I was so exited for trying this black head removal mask in one way. And so impatient to hear her opinion in another.

From my point of view, i’m a little skeptical about giving a chance to new products. But, still, i was willing to give this Black Mask a try. It will be a fun night after all.


 Their company provide free shipping for only two days. Here flows my skepticism again. Is it really possible to have our products in just 48 hours from our order. We have purchased three bottles, because the mask was 50 % off that time. What the heck, why not use this great opportunity.

It took me by surprise having the black head mask delivered in time at my friend’s house. That is definitely a great deal and investment.

Spa night

We gathered at Sara’s home that Friday night and ordered a lasagna. Italian food, red wine and facial night is always a good idea. Reading the instructions was the first step we took. My reaction when opening the Black Mask tube was: OMG it smells so good. You can feel the menthol on your face witch gives you a cool feeling.

Making selfies with the mask on was something inevitable. Peeling the mask wasn’t bad at all. I was afraid it can hurt, but actually it is pleasant. You can feel all the skunk coming out your pores. After the peeling is done you will see the blackheads and all the dead skin on the peeled mask. Took a photo from it and uploaded on Crystal Secret web page. So satisfied from their product told them we will continue shopping.

As for Rachel, she made an agreement with their company to write about Black Mask. She was very happy with the results of using the black head removal mask. Offering to write one blog for free. This is a story with happy ending, hope you will experience the same. Bye bye..




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